Business partnerships – 2018 edition

This column presents all the financial donations made for the 2018 edition by companies wishing to associate their image with that of excellence that our competition carries. Thanks to them, the contest is free for all participants i.e. students as well as the jury.

  • iDealwine

iDealwine, a French pioneer of the sale of wine on the Internet, is today, through his subsidiary International Wine Auction (Iwa) the first French actor in the auctions of wine. Hardly of its 15 years of experience, the site benefits from maximal visibility with a vast community of French but also foreign amateurs today.

For the first year of the competition, iDealwine is one of our major partners. iDealwine brings us one supporting mattering financier besides offering a gift voucher to the victorious team and the discount codes to all the teams. iDealwine also participates in the visibility of the competition by writing an article on his subject on his blog. Finally, we have the honor to welcome Mrs. de Lancquesaing To the Jury.


  • Crédit Agricole

Farm Credit is an international banking group. It distinguishes itself by its original activity at the service of the agricultural world and its major investments in the wine-growing sector by the management of many properties via its subsidiary CA Grands Crus.

Crédit Agricole is one of our major partners and its generosity every year since 2015 guarantees the sustainability of the event.

crédit agricole

  • Imprim’Eclair

From creation to printing we master the whole graphic chain. Combining tradition and modernism, Imprim’Eclair has contributed to the incredible evolution of the printing industry over the past 20 years.

If the core of this business is the impression of a wine label, Imprim’Eclair makes for the ATC the kakemono allowing us to highlight our sponsors during the event.


  • Terre de Vins

Terre de Vins is a website dedicated to wine, the art of living, and wine tours. It contains all the news on the wine business, buying tips, the best food and wine pairings, the best wineries, and finally all the events and fairs intended for amateurs. A magazine is also available in a kiosk.

We are honored to welcome Joëlle Weiss, an oenologist, and journalist with Terre de Vins, to the Jury. Terre de Vins also contributes to the visibility of the competition by writing an article about it on its website and offering subscriptions to the participating teams.

terre de vins.png

  • Riedel

Riedel is an Austrian company specializing in the manufacture of glass and crystal wine glasses. They can be found in many prestigious restaurants and hotels.

Last year, Riedel graciously lent the 600 glasses needed for blind tasting.


  • Le Nez du Vin

Le Nez du Vin, Le Nez du Café, and Le Nez du Whisky are made up of a collection of aromas to smell and a book to learn to taste. The aromas of wine inform us about its geographical origin and manufacturing process. They tell the art of the winemaker. The Nez du Vin is a solfège to make its ranges and improve its ability to identify and memorize odors. Used as work instruments or board games, they enable learning that is accessible to all, professionals, amateurs, and neophytes.

Le Nez du Vin generously offers lots to the participating teams, which allows them to train at their turns for the following editions!

le nez du vin.png

  • BDE AgroParisTech

The “Student Bureau” of AgroParisTech is an association responsible for redistributing the annual budget to the various associations and clubs that animate the student life of the school.

By financing part of the costs of organizing such an event, the BDE is an important partner of the ATC.