Business partnerships – 2019 edition

This section presents all the financial donations made during the 2019 edition by companies who wish to associate their image with the image of excellence that our competition conveys. Thanks to them, participation in the competition is free of charge for all teams and the jury.

  • iDealwine

Founded in 2000, iDealwine is an international platform for the sale and purchase of fine wines, either by auction or direct purchase. The company has established itself as the leading French wine auction house (second worldwide). iDealwine also offers its clients access to a network of more than 400 partner wineries whose wines are offered at property prices. At the same time, iDealwine offers a whole range of services for economic analysis of the wine market to make your life easier and to familiarise you with this universe: wine ratings, tools for valuing your cellar in real time, WineDex index, alerts on your favourite wines, etc.

By renewing its partnership with the ATC every year, iDealwine is our most loyal sponsor. Moreover, iDealwine also contributes to the visibility of the competition by writing an article about it on its blog. Finally, this year we had the honour to welcome Mrs Constance Foussard as a member of the jury. Thank you to them for the trust they have placed in us!


  • Bourrassé

The Groupe Bourrassé, 400 Women and Men who work every day to produce, secure, and distribute more than 700 million cork stoppers in the heart of French vineyards but also to more than 18 wine countries around the world including their subsidiaries in Portugal and Chile. Work, listening, and respect for the word given remain the strong values ​​of the Group as the unchanging desire to stand out by becoming a qualitative signature, reassuring and innovative, respectful of wines and partner of their creators.

Its production subsidiary has been located in Portugal since 1989 in the very heart of the cork world reserve. This highly strategic integration of the sector from the harvest to the finished product ensures complete control over the manufacturing of capping solutions and guarantees compliance and safety for all Group customers.

We are happy to partner with them for the first time. Thank you for your generosity.

Logo Bourrassé jpeg haute resolution.jpg

  • Le Nez du Vin

Le Nez du Vin (Noze of the Wine) is a box listing the different flavors that can be found in wine that informs us about their geographical origin and their manufacturing process. It constitutes a solfège to make his scales and to improve his capacities of identification and memory of the odors. Used as work tools or board games, it makes learning accessible to all, professionals, amateurs, and neophytes. Generations of sommeliers and oenologists have formed with Le Nez du Vin. Sold in more than 70 countries, these boxes have conquered the planet. A reputation based on French know-how, experience and a constant search for quality.

This Carnoux-en-Provence company participated this year in the gifts that were offered to participants.

le nez du vi.png

  • Terre de Vins

Terre de Vins is a website dedicated to wine, the art of living, and wine tourism. It contains all the news of the world of wine, shopping tips, accompaniment to tasting, the best food, and wine pairing, all the good addresses in the vineyard, and all events and shows for amateurs. A magazine is also available on newsstands.

We were honored to welcome Joëlle Weiss Boisson, oenologist and journalist at Terre de Vins, to the Jury. Terre de Vins also contributes to the visibility of the contest by writing an article about it on its website and offering magazines and subscriptions to participating teams.

terre de vins

  • Crédit Agricole Nord-Est Viticulture

Crédit Agricole is an international banking group. It is distinguished by its original activity serving the agricultural world and its significant investments in the wine sector through the management of numerous properties through its subsidiary CA Grands Crus.

Crédit Agricole is one of our major partners and its generosity every year since 2015 guarantees the sustainability of the event.

credit agricole

  • Domaines Barons de Rothschild (Lafite)

The Domaines Barons de Rothschild have made their mark in the excellence of the vine and wine trades. Château Lafite Rothschild is at the origin of the Group. It was the first Château acquired by the Rothschild family in 1868 and inspires and guides the viticultural practices of the different Domaines. Thus, the know-how and tradition perpetuated for several generations by the Rothschilds are applied to all the properties of Bordeaux, Narbonne, and South America with the aim of producing quality wines of great finesse and quality. elegance, in the “Spirit Lafite”.

The Barons de Rothschild Domains are important wine partners of the CAV’iT by providing several prestigious gifts that were given to participants.


  • Riedel

Riedel is an Austrian company specializing in the manufacture of glass and crystal wine glasses. They are found in many restaurants and prestigious hotels. Over time, Riedel has accumulated tremendous scientific data on the relationship between the shape of a glass and the perception of the bouquet, and the taste of wines and spirits.

This year, Riedel provided us with the 600 glasses needed for the blind tasting.


  • BDE AgroParisTech

The Student Office of AgroParisTech is an association responsible for redistributing the annual budget to the various associations and clubs that animate the student life of the school.

By financing part of the costs of organizing such an event, the BDE is a major partner of the ATC. It also allows us to make the necessary photocopies for the event thanks to its partnership with Société Générale.