The rules

Article 1: Each Grande École registered is authorized to present a team exclusively composed of three students from the same Grande École whose names must be communicated to the persons in charge at the time of registration. They must present a valid student card or certificate of attendance. At least one-third of these candidates must be new from the previous year. Each candidate can only participate twice in the ATC.

Article 2: During the day, teams will be rewarded according to their ranking.

Article 3: The use of documents, cell phones and any external help is forbidden.

Article 4: During the blind tasting, the candidates will have to comment on 3 series of 4 wines each (sparkling wines, white wines and red wines). They will have to discover the 4 wines (grape varieties, country, region, appellation and vintage of the tasted wine) and produce a short sensory analysis of their tasting.

Article 5: All wines of the same series will be served and analyzed by the participants simultaneously. Competitors are responsible for the material provided to them. Members of the same team are invited to communicate with each other.

Article 6: Beyond the analytical aspect of the tasting, the candidates will be judged on their knowledge of the wine world.

Article 7: At the end of the 2 tests, the teams will be separated by the number of points accumulated. The 2 best teams will participate in the final.

Article 8: The candidates have time to analyze each series of wines and to answer each theoretical question.

Article 9: During the final, each team will have to produce a sensory analysis, in their native language, of 3 wines in front of the jury. Each team member will present a wine in turn according to a theme that will be revealed on the day. Each team will have a time to discuss their presentation beforehand.

Article 10: The jury will decide between the teams, taking into account both the accuracy of their answers and the coherence and relevance of the emotions perceived. In the event of a tie, the teams will be separated according to the number of points obtained during the tasting.

Article 11: For the sake of fairness, the team representing the AgroParisTech School will not be allowed to enter the final.

Article 12: Accommodation and meals for the participants are entirely taken care of by the ATC organization, from their arrival at the train station on the morning of the event until their departure from the hotel the next day. Candidates are responsible for their own travel to Reims and for the registration fees for the competition.

Article 13: A withdrawal without a valid reason 2 weeks before the event will be sanctioned by a ban on participating in the competition the following year for the school concerned.

Article 14: All participants must sign the image rights form (attached on this page) and return it to us on the morning of the competition.

Article 15: Each participant agrees to respect the present rules.